Get the Google Maps search results and all the accessible data by scraping and exporting them.

Ever wish you could easily and without coding your way through the Google Maps API extract all the results from a Google Maps search into a CSV file together with all the supporting data from each location? You can now.

You can: Use this Google Maps feature to:

  • Use the map to locate your perfect local leads by focusing on companies.
  • Extract information on nearby businesses, such as their phone numbers, websites, operating times, and more.
  • Save Google Maps data to an Excel or other spreadsheet program.
Be aware that Google Maps only shows 200 results per search, so you won't have access to any more. Make your location search parameters more specific and conduct numerous searches inside the same larger region, like in the example above, to obtain additional information.

Our Feature will automatically scrape and export the results of a Google Maps search into a spreadsheet in just a few easy steps:

  1. Copy the correct Google Maps URL.
  2. Paste it on Google Map Search Exporter
  3. Start Export Process
Advanced Search: This option will allow you to enrich your leads even more fully by visiting each website and scraping any available email addresses, phone numbers, and social media information displayed.

To access 'Advanced Search' option you must be on a paid plan.